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New Seller Accession Agreement

1.      The terms of subscription to the OMW website and application via membership packages, Price details, and package data and options are determined by OMW's management,

Membership packages, prices, subscription and contract terms may be updated in the future, without prior warning to customers, please see the agreements and conditions at the latest release.

2.      The membership package fees that have been subscribed are non-refundable. 

3.      OMW website and mobile application accept sellers who are in the UAE only, i.e. selling and shipping products are within the UAE. 

       4.      The terms of participation as a seller and opening a store on the OMW site and application, that the seller has a valid business license that complies with the laws and regulations of the United Arab Emirates,

       5.      The seller undertakes to provide the Management of the OMO website and application with the TRN tax number if it is subject to VAT and is registered in the UAE tax authority.

 If the seller is subject to VAT, he must add product prices including VAT,

6.      The products that will be offered by the seller in the OMW store and mobile application must be non-counterfeit and of high quality, and conform to all the specifications included in the product description, and are allowed to be sold in the UAE,

7.      The seller has all responsibilities in the event of complaints about the products he has sold at the OMO website and store, in front of any government departments in the UAE. 

       8.      Images of the products to be offered on OMW platforms should be 100% real for the product itself, and with high quality and professionalism. Images of poor quality and resolution will not be accepted.

The seller can contact OMW's photography team to find out the plans and prices of the product photography on:

418 98 48 50 971+


9.      The seller should offer his products at reasonable, deliberate and non-exaggerated prices.

10. The seller must comply with the specifications and quality of the products that he displays to customers, and any account that displays unreal images or details of its products will be banned, and when any product is added by the seller, it is subject to approval or rejection in the event that it does not comply with the said conditions, by OMW before adding it on the site and application.

11. The seller undertakes to follow up on his control panel on a daily basis, follow up on the orders and take appropriate measures for each order.

12. The seller should inform the management of the OMW website and application of the run out or non-availability of any of his products or his desire to temporarily or permanently suspend his account. 

13. The seller must be obliged to cooperate with the shipping companies and facilitate the receipt of shipments from his place of work or home.

       14. The seller can choose one of the following methods that suits him the application of its conditions:

-         Shipping through Aramex Co. (all products except food and drinks)
Its conditions include: Processing orders within a maximum of 2 working days, making a shipping order from the order log control panel, and delivering the order to Aramex's delivery representative 

-         Shipping by seller (i.e. shipped directly by you)
Its conditions include: Sending orders and delivering them to the buyer customer within a maximum of 4 business days 

-         Shipping through OMW Company
Its conditions include: Processing orders within a maximum of 2 working days and delivering the order to the OMW’s delivery representative 

15.  The seller must be obliged to return orders immediately if they do not match the description and images displayed on the OMW website and application, or if damaged or broken products are sent to the buyer, and the seller will be charged for reshipping, refund fees, or any fees resulting from the return of the order and the paid amounts to the buyer. In the event of a non-compliance of the seller, his membership in the OMW Store and App is suspended, without prior warning.

16. It is forbidden to communicate directly with customers outside the scope of the OMW website and application.


17. If the buyer pays through his bank cards, 3% of the total order will be deducted, such as bank transaction fees of the same bank, and this amount is deducted from the seller. 

Practical example: 

- The seller, Ahmed, is registered on the OMW site and application as a certified seller, and has a product priced at 100 AED 

- the buyer, Mohammed, ordered Ahmed's product from the OMW store or app, 
 And paid the value of the product which is 100 AED 
And he chose the shipping method (Aramex: delivery price is 40 AED) 
The total amount Mohammed paid for the order is AED 140, the value of the product and the shipping fee, by bank card

Payment: 140 AED by buyer 

- Bank fees (payment by bank card) are deducted:
 3% + VAT 
Total discount:  3.31 AED

- Shipping fees are deducted through Aramex Co.:
 40+ VAT
Total discount:  42 AED 

- The amount that is sent to the seller by the management of OMW Company:
94.69 after deducting all fees including VAT 
(Shipping and bank card payments)

18. In the case of disputes between the seller and the buyer, both the seller and the buyer are subject to the laws and regulations of the United Arab Emirates.

19. OMW website and application management transfers or delivers financial dues to all sellers at the beginning of each month from day 1 to 5 as a maximum, and sellers are required to provide their International IBAN number, and their bank account number with all information, to transfer amounts to their account.

20. You must deliver the product to the shipping company no later than (3 days) from the date of order.

21. If you are a seller and provider of food and beverage products, or health products, your products should be healthy, harmless, fresh and uncontaminated, and are allowed to be sold within the UAE, and in case of any complaints or irregularities, the seller shall assume all legal responsibilities from any government agency in the UAE.

22. You may only take advantage of the site for legitimate and legal purposes. You must abide by all applicable laws in the UAE.

23. The sale of illegal, unsafe or other prohibited products in the United Arab Emirates is strictly prohibited.

24. You must ensure that your products do not cause any personal injury or damage to property and comply with the quality and safety standards applicable in (UAE).

25. You will be responsible for any non-conformity or defect in your products.

26. OMW management has the right to suspend your account as a seller in case of violations or non-compliance with the said terms.

      27. In the event that your membership is suspended as a seller when the terms are not met, OMW Company is entitled to access to the sellers' accounts, manage the account, or orders.