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Return And Exchange Terms

We are always keen to provide full support to our customers and do our best to meet their requirements. If you are not satisfied with your purchase from our store, you can contact us.

 You may request a return or exchange of products if you receive a product with a defect or broken, or not identical to the product you purchased, or with a defect due to shipping or packaging as simple as possible , Within 5 days from the date of purchase. We provide you with a policy to return and exchange products according to the following regulations:

Terms of Return and Exchange 

We, at OMW Online Store, are always happy to provide the highest level of service and you are required for taking advantage of our policy of Return and exchange to meet the following terms: 

- Our sellers at OMW Store accept the return or exchange requests if you receive a defective product, a broken product, a product that is not identical to what you have purchased, a defective product due to shipping or packaging, or a product that is not in compliance with your request.

- The product must be in its original case, not used or unopened, and the labels are not removed in case of electronic products and the product is unworn for t-shirts and shoes.

- The product must be packaged in the original package and in the sa\\me condition as it received.

- The original purchase invoice must be attached at the start of product exchange or return procedures.

- Customer may recover the value of the product or exchange it with another product of his choice.

- Please note that this policy and conditions are not applicable to food and dining products

- When a product return is requested, it is subject to a check by OMW's management to confirm its condition. Refund is approved after the product is verified to be in compliance with the return policy.

- In order to complete the return process, the voucher of purchase from our store should be included with the bill of shipping, bearing in mind that the shipping of the exchanged and new goods will be at the expense of the sellers at OMW. 

Review the return or exchange request:

- In the event that the return or exchange is due to a defect in the product, the store will review the request and inspect the product. If the store finds the buyer's violation of the terms and conditions of this policy and the defect has been caused to the product as a result of the mistake of the buyer, we may reject the request for return or exchange or we may charge the buyer the value of damage in the Product.

- If the return or exchange is due to a defect in the product, or if it is not identical to the specifications and details of the sale, the seller will inspect the product. If it is proved that the product is defective or not identical, the seller shall bear the costs of shipping.

Working and communication hours 

We can help you and communicate with you during working hours from Saturday to Thursday from ..... AM till ..... PM (UAE time).

Refund policy 

- Upon receiving a request to refund the value of purchases of a product in the event that you receive a defective or broken product, or not identical to the product that you purchased, or there is a defect in the product as a result of shipping or packaging, or when you receive a product that is not in accordance with your request, we will send you an email to let you know that your request has been received, and we'll let you know that your request has been accepted or rejected.  

- If approved, your order will be processed, and you can receive your refunded money back to your original payment method, and your refund must be delivered within 20 business days of the product's shipping date.

- Please note that this policy and conditions are not applicable to food and dining products

- The customer may refund the full amount if the received product is completely different from the product description on the product page or if he receive a defective or broken product.

- If your refund is approved, your funds will be refunded based on how you paid within 20 business days. You can also retrieve the value of the returned goods - as we estimate - through the bank transfer after you provide us with your account number to transfer the value of the product to your account.

If your due amount is not refunded, first check your bank account again. Then contact your credit card company, as it may take some time before the money is officially transferred. Then contact your bank. There is often some processing time before refunding. If you have done all this and have not received the refund yet, 

Please contact us